Are the buses running?

Aspen View Public Schools endeavors to make well-informed, timely decisions regarding student transportation in the event of adverse weather conditions.

School buses are to operate on all school instructional days except when inclement weather and/or hazardous road conditions or other emergency reasons constitute a significant hazard to the safety and wellbeing of school bus students. The decision to cancel student transportation across the entire division or for entire communities due to inclement weather lies with the Superintendent, in consultation with the Transportation Coordinator. The Superintendent is obligated to cancel student transportation, either across the division or for specific communities/schools, when the temperature is -40 C or below; however, he may also cancel student transportation at his discretion, either across the division or for specific communities/schools, based on hazardous conditions such as fog, freezing rain, wind chill, etc.

For consistency, the Transportation Coordinator annually chooses a weather information service used to determine -40 C conditions for each community. The service currently used is Weather Network.

Nevertheless, each school bus driver has the authority to cancel or alter their route in the event of adverse weather to ensure the safety of students.

In the event that weather conditions become adverse during the school day, bus drivers communicate with school principals, the Transportation Coordinator and the Superintendent to facilitate the early departure of students. The school shall contact all parents/guardians to ensure that someone is home to receive the child. If the parent/guardian cannot be contacted, the student will remain at the school until the parent has been contacted to make alternative arrangements. The parent/guardian shall pick the child up from the school no later than the normal bus drop-off time.

How are bus cancellations communicated?

If a bus does not operate, the driver is expected to contact the parents of students on their route in a timely fashion.

In addition, any bus route cancellations or delays will be noted on the Aspen View Schools website, as well as on the websites of any Aspen View schools affected by the cancellation. Parents are encouraged to register for email or text message notification of bus status changes through the Aspen View Schools website.

When warranted, school bus cancellations will also be shared through Aspen View’s social media accounts and/or with appropriate broadcast media outlets including:


94.1 FM Boom – Athabasca

97.9 FM Real Country – Westlock (for Rochester/Thorhild)

92.7 FM Boom – Slave Lake (for Smith)

97.7 FM Real Country – St. Paul (for Vilna)



City TV Edmonton

Global TV Edmonton

CFRN TV Edmonton


When do schools close?

Schools shall remain open on all scheduled school days, if at all possible. The safety of the students shall be the primary criterion to determine whether a school remains open. The decision to close a school due to weather or hazardous conditions rests solely with the Superintendent.

School principals will ensure that a plan is implemented to open all commonly used school entrances by the normal opening time to accommodate students and parents who are not aware of school closures. Principals will ensure that appropriate arrangements are made for any students who do arrive at school, and schools will be only be fully closed once it is ensured that all students have been safely dispatched and accounted for.

If parents decide to send or take their child to school in inclement weather, it is the parents' responsibility to ensure that the child is adequately clothed for the existing weather conditions. If parents decide to keep their child home, it is the parents' responsibility to ensure that the child does assigned homework, so that the child does not fall behind those who attend school.

Reference: Aspen View Schools Administrative Procedure 131: Inclement Weather/Hazardous Road Conditions