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Great Beginnings

Welcome to the Grassland Great Beginnings Playschool!

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Our objective is to provide a preschool program-offering child three to five years of age a variety of experiences in a safe and stimulating environment.


The Grassland School Great Beginnings Program is a play-based program which provides learners with a range of activities to explore and meet individual developmental needs through play and interaction with their environment. The Great Beginnings program will strive to
meet the physical, social, intellectual, creative and emotional needs of the children in attendance
as follows:

Physical Needs
The program will allow for the development of fine, gross and perceptual motor skills; providing a variety of kinesthetic play opportunities.

Social Needs
The program will allow for the development of positive interactions between peers and within groups. Children will be encouraged to learn cooperation, sharing and resolving differences through role modeling, games, stories and prosocial skill centers.

Intellectual Needs
The program will encourage the development of thinking skills, verbal skills, listening skills and observational skills.

Creative Needs
The program will allow for the development of creativity by allowing children to play imaginatively and encouraging them to use all of their senses in play and learning.

Emotional Needs
This program will allow for the development of positive relationships, decision-making skills, expression of feelings and respecting the feelings of others. Zones of Regulation theory will be introduced to learners and parents as a common


  • Tuesdays, Thursdays and every other Friday (please contact us about available session options)
  • Drop off at 9:00 a.m.
  • Pick up at 12:15 p.m.
  • Start date is September 10, 2024 to June 19, 2025 

Great Beginnings Handbook

2024-2025 Great Beginnings Calendar

Program cost is $12 per session, due upon registration or as a monthly pre-paid payment (due on the first of each month). Alberta Government subsidy is available! Apply on August 12, 2024 at Alberta Child Care Subsidy

  • Pre-screening of all students
  • Services and training provided by EA’s
  • All students welcome regardless of Special Needs


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